It is the queen of all dates. It is the most appreciated variety in the world for its high quality and its unique sickly sweet taste.
Traditionally is named «  fruit of shining light  » for its translucent golden colour, smooth aspect and lovely shape. Deglet Nour is Sudattes and vice versa.


Description Packing Carton/palet Weight/palet
Cardboard box of 5Kg
Category 1
1 * 5Kg 225 1 125Kg
Cardboard box of 2Kg
Category 1
1 * 2Kg 440 880Kg

Description Packing Carton/palet Weight/palet
Little box of 1Kg
Category 1
1 * 1Kg 88 1056Kg
Little box of 2Kg
Category 1
1 * 500g 110 660Kg

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